Iguazú Quintet

The Iguazú ensemble is a quintet made up of young Belgian musicians with varied influences, revolving around Tango Nuevo, Jazz and South American music.
The ensemble offers a young vision of the music of Astor Piazzolla, as well as of several contemporary composers, Belgian and foreign, such as Tomas Gubitsch, Rodolfo Mederos, Richard Galliano, Boris Gaquere, Thomas Fellow, Jimmy Bonesso, ...

You can visit our website of Iguazú Quintet 

Trio Belesja

Trio Belesja is a trio with Aida Scavuzzo(Cello), Anna Durga(Piano) and Yuka Nagaosa(Violin).

Having two decided projects. (October 2020)
Witch is the program composed with pieces of composer for three deferent nationalities. 
(Spanish, Belgian and Japanese.)
And other, only with female composers.

Invited by Library of Madrid to perform there on 2019 and 2020.

Duo Belja

Belja duo is a duet that propose variated chamber music programs.
Specially, we are trying to discover many little hidden masterpieces by composers of various nationalities.

Selected to perform in the symposium for ICLHE (via Zoom) and watched by more than 250 audiences from all over the world.
(15th and 16th of October, 2020)

Mona Trio

Mona trio started working together on 2017,
with musicians from Mons Conservatory.  

Our target is to challenge and discover trio pieces from contemporary category.

Found a trio piece : "Space Jump" by Fazil Say

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